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“We recently moved from Manchester and left all of our friends behind. It’s exciting and daunting to start again!”
— Sarah B.
“I’d like to meet other dads who make jokes about fatherhood and talk about Heavy Metal.”

— Michael C.
“Having a friend living around the corner, I can call night and day - it’s a lifesaver!”

— Vicky B.

We're on Twitter and Instagram @pkBooParents 

PkBoo Beta App


PkBoo is a new app to find great parents near you and see what friends, interests and activities you have in common.

Your new running buddy or nanny share might be just around the corner. 

Or maybe you'd like to meet someone for a play date, a coffee or just a friendly ear when the mountains of bottles and laundry get on top of you. 

PkBoo is still in beta mode and we would love for you to be part of our growing community.



We're on Twitter and Instagram @pkBooParents

EVENTS near you


Join us for one of our pkBoo events for parents in East London! Would you like us to host an event near you? Please get in touch!

You can visit our event page for more information, send us a message or follow us on Twitter and Instagram @pkBooParents.




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